ABC Owl: Spanish App Reviews

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This application is not worth 2 dollars....

Theres nothing to this application... I am not even sure how this qualified as an app.... The entire application can be sumarized as your kid clicking in the letter, and the letter making a sound. Theres one of each letter in the alphabet with one drawing and one sound with one example.... theres nothing else to it. NOT WORTH PAYING FOR THIS....

Incorrect spelling

The sounds are ok, and the colors are vivid, but come on, people, it is NOT Elephante, is ELEFANTE! It is not uvedoble (W) es doble V, that is the way to say it! You need to correct that, you are teaching it wrong!

Junk - Dont Buy if you MacBook with Retina

Words, letters, and pictures are cutoff. Will not display properly. Total Waste of Money and piece of junk App.

Incorrect pronunciation and out to date letters names.

The sound of "V" and "Z" are NOT correct. Since November 2010 the the name of the letter "V" is "uve", "W is "uve double", "Y" is "ye".

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